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I'm at generation seven but I can't make it, like space does nothing...

Congratulations, you won. We didn't have time to make a winning screen or something like that. 

Oh, sorry, I thought there would be one. Well, it was a cool little game! Thanks for making it! 

Hello ! There is a winning screen now ! And a small tutorial too :)

Can there be non .rar build please?  (macOS

Hello, there is a Mac build :)

simple but fun!! finally got to 7, is that the end of the game?

Yes it is ! (it's only a 48h game !) but we'll be adding soon little animations at the end so that people understand better when they've finished the game !

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i got to gen 4

This is super cute :D (But also super hard ^^')

Thank you ! (we love our little babies haha) And I couldn't reach the 7th generation yet myself but I'll try !

Ooh I feel better about being stuck at gen 5 then :D

Wait, the dev. is Sven Ahlgrimm, who are you?

We made the game as a team.  Mina did some of the animations and concept design of the game.

Oh okay, sorry for like, sticking my nose in other people's business. I was just confused. Heh.

Don't worry. Thank you for playing!

My crush for this game jam :)

Aw ! Thank you !